Wednesday, March 31, 2010

SEGi UC lasagna,creme caramel and craft :)

me,maznah and ame(armalia gifts)

homemade beef lasagna
kek batik sold out,creme caramel
2nd day

Sorry for the late update on my first experience selling my food stuff at a bazaar.It was indeed an experience than I shall never forget,the excitement,the weather,the downside of it(no crowd despite the organizer told me that there will be good crowd)...I was lucky enough thaat my food was mostly pre-ordered by friends and new customers.Othere vendors were very dissapointed that there were no crowd..AT ALL!!So..lesson learnt and will be more careful in choosing the right event organizer and the right place to market your goods :)
To Ame and gals rocckksss...thanks for being supportive,fun,understanding partners :)love u guys!!


  1. For me nothing can beat home made lasagna! Yours in particular looks perfect with that crusty golden brown cheese on top. Great work girls, good luck!

  2. thank you lasagna fan..keep in touch :)

  3. wow....nampak menarik sgt...i luv lasagna

  4. hi Gee...TQ for dropping by..feel free to order,call me at charges and pick up point boleh dirunding.:)