Monday, January 4, 2010

my menu

cream caramel

homemade beef lasagna

yummy cupcakes

kek batik
These are the 4 items on my menu as for now.I personally love making them for my family and love to eat them too..hahaha..I decided to sell when some of my friends/neighbours like eating them but don't have the time to make it or they're too busy with their daily work/chores.So,here I am trying to "help" them by baking alll these yummies and as a return for me to have a side income :)
I have two toddlers at home with me,I'm also a fulltime homemaker,so I'll be glad if anyone wishes to order to call me or email me.
I will try to set up the price listings on this blog asap.Please leave me your email address or contant number at my comment box.Thank you :)

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